Lavender Scented Self-Heating Eye Masks (5 Pack)

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Meet your new self-care companion: With a soothing lavender scent these eye masks are designed to seamlessly integrate into your busy schedule and provide relaxation and relief wherever you are, whenever you need it. 

Whether you’ve had a tough day or a fun night, these masks self heat and produce up to 35 minutes of zen time. Simply open the pouch to trigger the heating process, pop on your mask and begin to relax. Designed for easy use, each mask has ear loops so you can wear it laying down or upright, and is individually sealed to be carried around with your essentials. 

Our self-heating eye masks can support with:

  • Easing you into a restful sleep
  • Relieving headaches and migraines
  • Alleviating anxiety and stress 
  • Soothing dry, tired or puffy eyes
  • Providing comfort during long-distance travel 
  • Enhancing your meditation practice
The Ora Difference

Elevate your mood with just one touch

The ultimate portable diffuser, completely cordless and rechargeable with a battery life of up to 70 hours. With three intermittent intensity settings and four timeframe settings for you to choose from so that you never have to worry about turning it off before you leave the house. Perfect for around the home, workplace, car or caravan.

Experience the Ora difference today!

Sustainably Produced

Fits 5ml, 10ml, 15ml or 20ml oil bottles


No mess and low fuss

What's Included

1. Ora diffuser + cloth bag
2. Spray nozzle + 20ml placeholder oil bottle
3. Spare straws for different size oil bottles
4. USB charger cord + instruction manual

Ora Specs

Colour: Champagne Gold
Size: 7cm diameter by 12cm height
Product Weight: 350g
Oil Capacity: 5ml, 10ml, 15ml or 20ml
Battery Max Standby: 72hrs
Charger: USB cable
Coverage: Up to 100 sqm
Sound: 23db - 25db, soft vibration
Features: Waterless, cordless, rechargeable, portable.
Extra Feature: Warm LED night light at base.
Warranty: 12 month warranty.

How to use


Does this product have a warranty?

Yes, it has a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase. This does not include Ora diffusers that have been misused, damaged or clogged from misuse.  

How long will a 10ml bottle of oil last in the Ora diffuser? 

A 10ml bottle of our essential oil blends will last up to 80 hours in the Ora diffuser when it is on the 15sec atomizing setting. This will vary depending on the type of essential oil and which atomizing setting you use. 

Can I use other brands of essential oils in the Ora diffuser?

It can definitely accept other essential oils. It is important to note that the nebulizing technology in the Ora diffuser requires the use of 100% pure and high graded, non-diluted essential oils for it to operate at its optimal capacity. 

How do I clean the Ora diffuser?

Wipe down the mirror surface and outer exterior with a soft damp microfibre cloth, making sure to not get any water near or into the charging point. Then wipe it again with a dry microfibre cloth to finish. Do not turn the diffuser on its side or upside down.