Waterless, heatless, and cordless

Attach the bottle of pure essential oil directly to the Ora diffuser and start scenting with just one touch. No need for water, heat and messy clean-ups. 

Safe, sustainable and long-lasting

A 10ml bottle of essential oil gives up to 80 hours of uninterrupted scent on the Ora's lowest intermittent setting.

Full therapeutic benefits

Enjoy scents that are more powerful than other diffusers. With our nebulising technology, the Ora preserves the pure therapeutic properties of essential oil as it is diffused into the air. 

Get winter-ready with our uplifting scents

For colder days ahead, the Ora and essential oils are sure to create a cosy sanctuary for your home or workplace. Enjoy aromatherapy like never before with the smart waterless Ora Diffuser in luxe gold or signature green. This bundle set comes with our immune-boosting scent, Revive, and an additional scent of your choice - so you can select the perfect match for yourself or someone you care about.

To Boost Mind and Body

Like smelling a fresh bouquet of roses, let our Revive blend fill your home and heart with a sweet scent that will have you feeling relaxed and revitalised. The combined healing properties of Rose Geranium and Ylang Ylang soothes anxiety, is beneficial for the immune system and has antiviral properties.

To Uplift and Energise

To help with winter blues, a mood-boosting blend like Thrive can keep you recharged throughout the day. Grapefruit is re-energising, Lemongrass brings a sense of positivity and Sweet Orange is a natural mood enhancer.

To Restore Serenity and Healing

The perfect winter blend to keep you cosy all through the season. Our Nourish blend features the warming Juniper Berry, deeply calming Rosewood and Patchouli, which gently stills the mind, so it can rest, reset and rejuvenate.

To Bring Calm and Clarity

Restoration and balance is crucial for your wellness especially during winter. With our best-selling Arrive blend, Lavender relaxes the mind while Patchouli can help to keep you calm and grounded. Tangerine is there to uplift any mood with its bright and citrusy notes. 

To Refresh and Find Balance

Perfect for recovery and seeking balance, our Flourish blend contains Clary Sage which helps with nervous fatigue. Petitgrain can balance emotions, while Sweet Orange helps to boost moods while encouraging relaxation. Lime has mentally stimulating properties to clear the mind and support decision-making.

To Enhance Mindfulness

The Ground oil has old earth oils to help your mind and body feel restored this winter season. Frankincense silences a busy mind, Ylang Ylang is mood-enhancing, Grapefruit will re-energise and Geranium is nurturing for both the mind and body.

Winter Wellness Bundle - 25% OFF

This winter-ready bundle set comes with our smart Ora diffuser in gold or green, our uplifting signature scent, Revive, and an additional scent of your choice - so you can select the perfect match for yourself or your loved ones. Only 50 sets left, shop now!

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Feel The Difference

Ora Diffuser
Other Diffuser
No water or heat required
Cordless & portable
Safe & hazard free
Preserves essential oils properties
Long-life battery & rechargeable
Easy to keep clean
Leaves no residue on surface

How it Works

We recommend you fully charge your Ora diffuser first. Push-pop up the spray nozzle to remove the empty 20ml placeholder botttle.

Securely screw your preferred essential oil bottle onto the spray nozzle and pop it back into the Ora. Remember, the Ora fits any 5ml, 10ml, 15ml or 20ml oil bottle.

Just one touch to turn it on and let the Ora do the rest! You can also set the desired time duration and the Ora will turn off by itself.