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BtA was founded to transform the way people feel within their mind, body and soul through smart aromatherapy products that support their journey to finding inner peace, however that might look to them. We’re on a mission to find like-minded people who wish to help educate, inspire and spread our brands ethos.

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Want to become a BtA brand ambassador?

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  3. If selected, we will contact you via email, sign you up and send you your discounted BtA products.
  4. As soon as you receive your BtA products we encourage you to make as much content as you would like. The content must include our products and promote our brand and be posted across at least two of your main social media channels within the first 2 weeks of receiving the products. 

    Preferred content examples;
    • Unboxing Videos
    • Review Videos
    • Tutorial Videos 
    • Daily Routine Videos
    • Product Benefits 
    • New Product Alerts
    • Why Begin To Arrive
    The more content you create in an authentic and genuine way the better and we can’t wait to see what you create and how you share the BtA ethos!
  5. Please always tag @begintoarrive in your captions, stories or live feeds.
  6. Please always use these two hashtags #begintoarrive & #btaambassador in your captions.
  7. At the end of each quarter the percentage of sales you bring in will be calculated and you will receive your payout in AUD dollars.