How To Care For Your Waterless Diffuser

How To Care For Your Waterless Diffuser

You've been using your beloved Begin to Arrive waterless diffuser for quite sometime and you have started to notice that the oil scent isn't coming out as strong as it once was. You start to wonder what is going on and what you can do to fix this?

Your Begin to Arrive waterless nebulising diffuser can clog due to the fact that it is diffusing pure essential oil through a very small air pump and hole.

The clogging can be caused by a number of things like the oil quality and density, the change in seasons/temperature and if you haven’t used your diffuser for quite some time.

This is a common occurrence with nebulising diffusers, but not to worry, follow the 6 simple steps below to unclog your diffuser;

You will need to use either some rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover or mirror cleaner as the unclogging solution.


1.Pop the spray nozzle out. Remove the bottle of essential oil that is attached. 


2. Check that the straw is still attaching firmly to the straw nozzle, if not, then please replace it with a new one. 


3. Put approximately 20ml of the solution in a spare empty oil bottle. Attach this to the spray nozzle (make sure the straw is attached and is long enough to suck it up) and pop it back into the diffuser. 


4. Turn the diffuser on to this setting: 1 hour timeframe & 60 sec atomising. Then place the diffuser near on open window or outside and let it run until it turns off.


5. When finished pop the spray nozzle out, remove the bottle with the solution, clean away any leftover solution on the spray nozzle and straw with a paper towel before reattaching your desired bottle of essential oil. 


6. Turn the diffuser on again at your desired setting and allow it to run for 5min before it should start to work again good as new.


IMPORTANT: While doing this cleaning process you should always make sure the diffuser is out of reach of children and animals and that it is placed in a well ventilated area with air flow. Do not inhale from the diffuser while doing the unclogging process.

If you have any further concerns or questions in regards to the best way to care for your Begin to Arrive diffuser please email us via the contact page on our website and our customer care team will respond.